Our hospitality is based on good taste and warmth, comfort and style. The 18 no smoking rooms are all unique; the ground floor looks into the courtyard and has high ceilings, several have balconies, some have sea views, some have a living area or mezzanine floor, but all are enclosed in this original ancient palace with cool, thick walls, Arabian beds, stucco decoration and carved doors, bringing you the essence of old Zanzibar with a twist of modern chic.

Wandering through the ancient corridors, your thoughts will drift to the past splendour of a lost era, and the secret memories, like a faint waft of incence, that this old palace jealously preserves.


All the eighteen non-smoking rooms offer maximum comfort in a stylish setting, each being unique and slightly different from the other since they have been "adapted" to the existing layout of the palace. Some of the rooms have high ceilings, others look into the courtyard, several rooms on the higher floors have balconies while others have sea-view, and some rooms have a living area while others even have a mezzanine. All rooms enclosed in the original ancient cool thick walls and present stucco decorations, carved doors, and large Arabian beds. Indeed the essence of the old with the comforts of modern charm.


The Two General Room Categories that result from the imaginative use of the space named after the two original sites of the Old Stone Town: Forodhani - the seafront and garden area, Darajani - the market and bazaar area.


11 Darajani-Superior rooms are between 25 - 35 sqm meters and have all facilities listed and some have small suite area with typical Zanzibar features and details.


7 Forodhani-Deluxe rooms are 30-45sqm. Besides being more spacious than the Darajani Rooms also offer features such as sea-view, or mezzanine, or terrace, or courtyard balcony, or spectacular high ceilings. 


The legend of a thousand and one nights...

feel it in Mashariki Palace Hotel, Zanzibar



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