Our hospitality is based on good taste and warmth, comfort and style. The only 18 no-smoking rooms are all unique and some open their windows to the real street-life of Stone Town.

Wandering through the ancient corridors, your thoughts will drift to the past splendour of a lost era, and the secret memories, like a faint waft of incence, that this old palace jealously preserves.

At the ground floor in the lobby of the Room #1 , the TALE said that underground the big pillar on the left side, there is a rose- wooden box full of silver and gold coins with a sward on top to protect it... but we did not burry the place to verify!


But now this is not a tale that you can see the original Bububu railway train dated Union 1921, used by the former owner as support to the ceiling of the second floor. You can also breath the ancient era of this Palace, walking through the huge corridors.


Moreover, in the Room #15 at the first floor, you can see a picture dated around 1936 showing a young Prince from the Royal Family watching outside the sea front line, seated in the same position where the bed is now located.

All the rooms are enclosed in its original ancient Palace, with cool thick walls, stucco decorations and carved wooden doors, bringing you the essence of Old Stone Town with a twist of modern chic.
The two general Room Categories use the imaginative space name of the two original sites of Stone Town; Darajani is the market and bazaar area and Forodhani, the sea view and garden area.
The 11 Darajani-Superior rooms, are around 30 and have all the facilities listed and some have small suite/living area with typical Zanzibar features and details.
The 7 Forodhani-Deluxe rooms; three of them (more than 35 sq.mts) conserve the real interior architecture of the Palace, with high ceiling (5,50 mts /18 feet) and some with living area; one is Family Room for 4 people with mezzanine floor and restored wooden stairs. For meeting all kind of expectations, the two Garconnieres are at the Top-Roof of the Palace are like a chest and offers a stunning view of the Indian Ocean and Roofs of Stone Town.